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Look up any definition and it will describe as well as define the word grief as something emotionally overwhelming that involves sadness, loss, and suffering, accompanied by a sense of feeling numb to life.
Many doctors and other professionals operating within the Grief Management Industry, warn their clients to prepare themselves for varying levels of anguish, remorse, bitterness, and guilt, along with other recognized symptoms associated with grief. Persons facing grief have no set time limits for their ‘mourning’ periods because grief is different for each person experiencing it.
Humanity knows that whether it is man and or beast ̶ Grief is both personal and universal.
I say, “It’s Time to Redefine Grief and Discover the Sciences be-hind Fear Based Emotions”.
Dedicated to all of us with a driven purpose to assist us in finally understanding, how we can heal our broken hearts when we have an understanding of the science behind fear based emotions.

Net-Hetep Ta’Nesert 


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